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Militia Police and Public Safety

Meeting Date:
Meeting Time:
Meeting Place
9:00 a.m.
House Room C

Lingamfelter, L. Scott
Vice Chair:
Wright, Thomas C., Jr.
Cline, Benjamin L.
Berg, Mark J.
Gilbert, C. Todd
Morefield, James W. (Will)
Webert, Michael J.
Edmunds, James E., II
Wilt, Tony O.
Morris, Richard L.
Head, Christopher T.
Hope, Patrick A.
Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy), Jr.
O'Quinn, Israel D.
Rush, L. Nick
Simon, Marcus B.
Fariss, C. Matthew
Tyler, Roslyn C.
Filler-Corn, Eileen
Surovell, Scott A.
Kory, Kaye
Lopez, Alfonso H.