Welcome to the Virginia House of Delegates
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Courts of Justice

Meeting Date:
Meeting Time:
Meeting Place
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1/2 hour after adjournment
House Room C

Albo, David B.
Vice Chair:
Bell, Robert B.
Keam, Mark L.
Hope, Patrick A.
Kilgore, Terry G.
Minchew, J. Randall
Habeeb, Gregory D.
Campbell, Jeffrey L.
Adams, Leslie R.
Gilbert, C. Todd
Cline, Benjamin L.
Villanueva, Ronald A.
Watts, Vivian E.
Miller, Jackson H.
Toscano, David J.
Morris, Richard L.
Loupassi, G. M. (Manoli)
McClellan, Jennifer L.
Mason, T. Montgomery
Herring, Charniele L.
Leftwich, James A., Jr.