Welcome to the Virginia House of Delegates
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Address List

Mailing address for House Staff:
House of Delegates, P.O. Box 406, Richmond, Virginia 23218

Office Location
Nardo, G. Paul Clerk Capitol, Third Floor
Adkins, Troy Network Manager GAB, 8th floor
Armistead, Sarah Indexing/Enrolling Asst. Clerk Capitol, 4th Floor
Braxton, Jay Assistant Clerk General Assembly Building, Room 424-A
Carsillo, Tami Information and Communications Services Specialist Capitol, First Floor
Crouch Steidel, Sharon Chief Technology Officer General Assembly Building, Room 825
Dingus, Elizabeth Chief Finance Officer General Assembly Building, Room 532
Edwards, Lynda Finance Assistant General Assembly Building, Room 531
Finch, Jeffrey Deputy Clerk - Legislative Operations Capitol, 3rd Floor
Gilmer, Lisa Assistant to the Clerk Clerk's Office, Capitol, 3rd Floor
Grimsley, Blain Payroll Technician GAB, Room 533
Hanback, Anna Human Resources Director General Assembly Building, Room 534
Hodges, Brian Programmer/Application Developer GAB, Room 823
Hooe, Catherine Communications Clerk Capitol, 4th Floor
Howard, Emily Journal Clerk Capitol, 4th Floor
James, Tracey Training Coordinator GAB, Room 825
Kirkland, Jr., Richard Web Developer GAB, 8th floor
Layell, Jeannine Indexing/Enrolling Asst. Clerk State Capitol Building, 4th floor, N401
Lecarpentier, Barbara Calendar Clerk State Capitol Building, 4th floor, S410d
Maddrea, Scott Deputy Clerk-Committee Operations General Assembly Building, 1st Floor
Maxey, Dennis Support Services Specialist GAB, House Post Office
Miller, Jonathan Purchasing Officer GAB, 4th Floor
Mulvany, Anna IT Specialist/Help Desk Administrator GAB, Room 825
Pearson, Jr., John Information and Communications Services Director Capitol, 1st Floor
Pinner, Paul Programmer/Analyst General Assembly Building, Room 823B
Scott, Jacqueline Indexing and Enrolling Director State Capitol Building, 4th floor, Room N401
Stewart III, Aubrey Telecommunications Coordinator General Assembly Building, Room 723
Teague, Barbara Senior Committee Coordinator GAB, Second Floor
Vaughan, Patricia Journal and Records Director Capitol, 4th floor